Student Assistance Program

Anya Skibbie, SAP Counselor, [email protected]


The Student Assistance Program helps students develop healthy coping skills, make positive lifestyle choices, and avoid substance use struggles. Services are provided for students whose lives have been impacted by their own substance use, or that of someone else. Many students who access SAP services are not involved with substances, but are seeking support for other reasons.


The SAP provides services which operate within state and federal guidelines, including receiving referrals from students, parents, faculty, coaches, peers, or community members. This program works in collaboration with community agencies, such as Healthy Lamoille Valley, and other school programs, such as the School Counselors.


The Student Assistance Program also works in collaboration with teachers to provide in-classroom presentations, with school counselors to provide lunch bunches and other group, and provides student leadership groups VTLSP/OVX (Vermont Teen Leadership Safety Program/Our Voices Xposed) with the high school and VKAT’s (Vermont Kids Against Tobacco) with middle level students.