PA School Counseling Services


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School Choice

PA participates in a School Choice agreeement with 17 other schools in the Winooski Valley Region Public School Choice Program. In this program students may apply to go, at no cost, to a high school other than the one in their own school district. Students are chosen by lottery one time per year in April from all the applicants from each school district based on the number of open slots. Parents/guardians are responsible for their own transportation.

Foreign Exchange

A student exchange program is a program in which a student, typically in secondary or higher education, chooses to live in a foreign country to learn, among other things, language and culture. These programs are called "exchanges" because originally the goal was an exchange of students between different countries. Students from other countries may also live with a host family, who are usually unpaid volunteers. Host families are vetted by the organization coordinating the program. PA has worked primarily with AFS Intercultural Programs. However, there are many organizations that sponsor exchange programs including Youth for Understanding, Program Academic Exchange PAX, and Education First.

Vermont State College Dual Enrollment Program and Early College Program

The Vermont State College Dual Enrollment Program allows high school students to earn college credit in their junior and senior year. Juniors and seniors can take up to two college classes free of charge. Vermont Early College program allows high school seniors to complete their first year of college during their senior year of high school. The program is free and all state colleges are participating except UVM. Click here for more information.

Vermont Technical College hosts the Vermont Academy of Science and Technology (VAST)

VAST is a full year alternative to the senior year of high school for motivated high school seniors who have a successful academic record and strong interest in math, science, and technology. VAST students take standard college courses at VTC to complete the senior year of high school and the freshman year of college simultaneously—tuition free. VAST is recognized as an independent high school with the authority to grant diplomas. Click here for more information.

Introduction to College Studies

This college class offered at Community College of Vermont gives high school students the opportunity to sharpen their skills and prepare for college. The course focuses on time management techniques, goal setting, communication skills, and exploring college options. Once you successfully complete the course you can earn a voucher to take additional college courses at Community College of Vermont or other Vermont State Colleges. Click here for more information.

Governor's Institutes of Vermont

This program provides intensive, hands-on educational opportunities to highly motivated high school students on Vermont college campuses during the summer. Institutes are available in the Arts, Asian Cultures, Current Issues & Youth Activism, Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematical Sciences, and Science & Technology. Click here for more information.

Green Mountain Technology and Career Center

GMTCC offers a variety of programs where students may obtain technical training during their junior and senior years of high school. Many programs have Articulation Agreements with licensing agencies, colleges and technical schools. Depending on the agreement, some courses taken at GMTCC will apply to college programs. GMTCC programs are listed in the Peoples Academy program of studies. Click here for more information.

Internship Program

The Community Based Learning Internship Program places students in local businesses and allows them to earn high school credit. This experiental learning opportunity exposes students to the real world of business and possible career directions while they work, contributing postively to local businesses. This is a win-win program that benefits the entire Elmore-Morristown  community.

High School Mentoring Program

This opportunity provides high school students the opportunity to be positive role models and provide academic support for middle school students.

Summer Learning Programs

Information on summer learning programs, including Berklee College of Music, Concordia Language Program, Harvard, National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), School of International Living, and many more is available on our Summer Learning Page.

Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative 

PA High School has access to credit-bearing online courses through VTVLC. These courses are free to students. Click here for more information.